Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's been a long time. The good thing about waiting forever to post on your blog is that there are a million things you can think of to write about. The bad thing is you've lost most of your readers(I know of 2 maybe 3) who now think "What's the point of checking Erin's blog....she never posts anything." Ok so here's a summary of the last few weeks. First....no we didn't get San Diego.....Daniel was one of 2 candidates.....who were both very qualified, but the other happened to have tons of auditing experience as well as a husband who makes and sells surfboards.....unfortunately a perfect fit for the job and area. But, I think things happen for a reason and I'm sure it'll be a little more clear in the future why this happened this way. We've had a few more interviews since then and I'm sure we'll have answers very soon (Christmas time).

We spent the last week in Bloomington, IL with my family for Thanksgiving. We had lots of fun and did lots of shopping. Both Daniel and Ashley had birthdays last week which gave us a couple of excuses to eat lots and lots of cake. So Ashley is 3 and Daniel is 27. We're all getting so OLD. Some of us are old and still not potty trained. I assume you all know I'm not talking about Daniel, but AM talking about Ashley. How do you potty train a child who has no desire to be potty trained. Do you just throw her in underwear and hope she gets tired of soiling herself before I get tired of cleaning her up...or I should say before I literally cannot clean up another mess? One thing I did that motivated Andrew during potty-training(quite by accident) was I cried one time when he had an accident at the mall. It had been a long day and I was very pregnant. I think this really may have scarred him for life and certainly made him think twice about having an accident. The first thing he said after his next accident was "Mommy please don't cry". Heartbreaking huh?....but maybe the key to pottytraining your children through guilt.

Anyway, back to the shopping.....I love black Friday and had so much fun fighting the crowds at 6 am at walmart and target....got some great deals. Anyone who avoids the madness on black Friday is missing out....although it's clearly tragic how crazy some people get on this day. An employee was trampled to death at Wal-Mart in New York......that's ridiculous and very sad. I go with the mindset that I may not get a crazy deal and that's ok....and am usually pleasantly surprised. I got a new camera in fact....a screamin deal I think.....so perhaps I'lll post more pictures. The biggest obstacle now to overcome in terms of posting pictures is to get Ashley to stick around for a picture. It angers her when I point the camera at her. She's a fiesty one ....I'm scared for when she's a teenager. Here's a picture of our family.....may be on our Christmas cards this year....but here it is anyway.