Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is Daniel's birthday! So, how did we celebrate?!.....I took a nap...I went to a baby shower...I went to Wal-mart. Who's birthday was it?!...I know. What a nice guy huh?! In my defense I tried to offer a few fun options....or at least offered to make him breakfast...and I got him a cool sony e-reader from a doorbuster deal at wal-mart. Anyway, Daniel's a great husband and father...if there were awards for that sort of thing...he'd get many. I always tell him it's not fair the twins like him better than MAY have something to do with the fact that he can and will hold both of them when they want him to. They love their dad!

The above picture does a good job of emphasizing the different face shapes of the boys. Henry is on the left...and Max is on the right....the guy in pink is of course Daniel.

Have you ever been asked, "If you could live anywhere, where would you live?" I'm almost positive if Max in particular was asked this question he would answer, "that's easy...the dishwasher". Whenever I open the dishwasher he comes running like a zombie(that's really how he runs...arms out in front...teetering from side to side). He and Henry truly believe there are treasures in there...or something....anyway here's proof. Also, I don't want any flack for the pink binky...he's secure...and he likes do I.

In other news Andrew has become a really good reader. He likes to read to me and Daniel. I don't always appreciate the books...or the repetition but I appreciate that he enjoys reading and is getting so much better. Tonight I told him how impressed I was with his reading. He asked "What does impressed mean?...does that mean you're really sad about it?" I immediately told him meant that I was proud of him and thought he was doing exceptionally well. What kind of parent would say, "I'm really depressed with the way you've been reading." ?...not me. Anyway glad we cleared that up and that he asked instead of thinking that.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I am thankful

As Thanksgiving approaches I remember just how much I have to be grateful for. To start, I have a wonderful and healthy family to be thankful for. They mean the world to me. Each member of my family makes me smile several times a week. Let's start with the twins. They ARE crazy. They keep us going a million miles a minute. Henry and Maxwell remind me so much of Andrew. To make a long story short...they are needy needy babies....but have such sweet michevious smiles. They often break into our pantry when I'm not looking and the other day for the SECOND time managed to open a bag of cereal and proceeded to help themselves. Hank was the leader in this instance. He means nothing but business when it comes to eating cereal off the floor. Ohh and Max gives high fives now...I've worked on this with him. I tried with Henry but accidently hit him instead of his hand and since then he looks at me suspiciously any time I try to give him a high five.

Ashley cracks me up. The other day when getting ready for bed she said, "I'm very pleased with our property mom". I was a little puzzled but assumed she meant that she was starting to really like and enjoy our home here. I told Daniel about it later and then we both asked her what she meant by "our property". She then told us, "A property is a community of waste". In other words she is very pleased with our community of waste. It made me think a little bit(just a little mind you) about my efforts as a housekeeper.

Holly is often finding herself in trouble these days. She's very familiar with the counting to 10 system we have and then the follow through of sending her to her room when she deliberately disobeys(pretty much every time...somebody help us :) ). She's such a kind hearted girl that she likes to pay it forward with her brother. Lately she's been counting to 10 and then trying to shove Andrew to his room. She usually only does this when we are already threatening him....always trying to help us out.

Ahh and then there's Andrew. He's mostly our most obedient child....but he has his moments. He's growing up so fast. I got to eat lunch with him today at school and I listened as he and his friends made a schedule for what they will play every day at recess this week. They all decided on a star wars harry potter rotation. He is learning so much in school. Last week he came home with this beautiful piece of ....well art I guess. When I first saw it I started to tell him how not cool it was to draw something like that....but he stopped me mid-sentence with something about how his teacher had explained that that's where the pilgrims went to the bathroom. I guess she had it coming then. Anyway not one of his classiest drawings but still amusing to those with immature senses of humor(me and Daniel).