Thursday, September 30, 2010

hunger games and high school P.E.

Let me start by saying I never read the Twilight series. Everyone else did but I just had no interest in the life of teenage vampires. Even the movie seemed a little ridiculous to me. But more power to those who loved must be somehow good if millions loved it. I have, however, started reading the Hunger Games series(all the rage right now around here)...and am half way through the 2nd book, Catching Fire. It's been a while since I've read a book that really sucks you in and I don't feel like I can go about my daily life until I've read all 3. Don't worry the kids are being fed. Anyway, I couldn't help noticing some similarities between the Hunger Games and my experience in high school P.E.

First a little background on the book. The story goes that after a series of natural disasters a group came to power and divided the remaining people into 13 districts...each in charge of a different type of production for the whole. Life in these districts wasn't good causing inhabitants of district 13 to revolt. There was a war and many died and the result was 13 was obliterated and the group in power tightened their fist. They made things worse in the districts and as a punishment established the annual hunger games. Every year 2 children ages 12-17..err...18....are picked through a lottery from each district and are put into an arena where they must fight and survive until there's only 1 victor left. This is obviously devastating to the districts each year but for the group in power(The Capitol) it's very entertaining and watched on their televisions. People are allowed to send provisions for the contenders in the arena....but most can't afford to except for those in the capitol and they of course only help those who prove to be the most entertaining...or who can win the crowd over. I won't give any more away for those who will read it. Like I said before I couldn't help but notice how similar this is to high school P.E.

In high school it was mandatory for me to take P.E. all four in a way from age 13-17 I was selected to be put into this arena. While in P.E. class I was ruled over by P.E. teachers who usually because of some unresolved issues from their high school years were happy to be in a position of power where they could watch others suffer. They were so similar to "The Capitol" trying to punish me for something my ancestors did to them...maybe they were made fun of in high school. While in the arena of P.E. class we all were forced to compete athletically and socially until those who were the most popular and athletic won out and the rest were shamed(by the teachers....yes I saw my p.e. teacher make fun of students) or were embarrassed in front of their peers...making them lose out socially. Or like those from the capitol...the teachers would help those they considered athletic or who they were friends with. Dodge ball is the most obvious example of all this....the coaches clearly got a lot of entertainment out of this forced game where many people got a playground ball to the face....ouch. We all knew this game was ridiculous but if you didn't fight you got hurt. Daniel just told me though that dodge ball is no longer allowed in high school P.E. Thank goodness....there's hope for my kids making it through P.E. I'm a victor though....I made it out alive. At the time I wasn't ....ohhh how I dreaded P.E.

Moving on. Here's a picture of HOlly when I found her one day going through my makeup. I can't believe she knew to put the eye makeup by her eyes. She also frequently "robs" me...taking everything out of my wallet.

And today I went to put something for goodwill in the van...and when I got back I found these two crazies in the pantry....having pulled everything from the bottom shelf on the floor and eating cereal that spilled as a result.

Also, I love this picture of the 2 of them side by side drinking bottles.

Finally, last weekend we went to St. Louis for some fun with friends. Here's a picture of the oldest 2 with their friend Hannah in front of the penguins at the zoo.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

hobos and weddings

So much has been going on that I find it hard to even write this post. In fact...I have to bribe my daughters to let me do this....a treat to follow this post. For anyone who is interested come on over. My sister Sarah got married this weekend. That meant that the whole weekend was consumed with wedding festivities. We all had a great time and everything went really well. Friday night we had a bbq at the my Brother-in-law's parent's house. I of course took my camera and before I could say cheese Ashley was posing like a model....hmmm should I be worried? :)

You'll find these pictures in no particular order. Here's a picture of my favorite twin sons doing what they do best climbing around and getting into things. For those who are curious...Henry is in the front and Max is in the back.

Lately the babies have been happy to play in the basement with their older siblings....and I must say I'm happy to let them. Henry spends a lot of time singing Karaoke down there and he and Max frequently fight over the coveted plastic microphone.

These two looked so cute on the day of the wedding. Andrew was the ring bearer and Ashley and Holly were flower girls. They got their hair done and looked like little dolls to me....the kind of dolls that you get from a boutique...before your daughter cuts their hair and colors on their faces. :) I'll post more pictures of them soon....sadly this is really all I have.

Sweet sweet Henry has such an infectious smile. He is such a good guy. He allows many people to hold him without hesitation. He's grown rather fond of his grandpa's so nice that he's happy to have someone else hold him. Max...on the other hand likes me so much he got me kicked out of the gym last week because he didn't want to be in the childcare anymore. I'll take that as a compliment I guess.

There's that adorable girl again. She's going to be trouble I already know.

Holly sat on a bench that was just her size and I just had to get a picture. I'm so lucky to have such adorable and sometimes even sweet ;) daughters.

Later that night I couldn't find Holly anywhere ....I mean anywhere so we looked all over town for her. Finally we found her under some newspapers on a bench in the park. She would have no trouble being a hobo as you can see from this picture below. We love her even if she's frequently mistaken for a homeless girl.