Monday, March 14, 2011

do you like WWF?

If you answered yes to my first question...then you'd love being at our house a lot of the time.

Henry is often plotting against Max. Look at this evidence.

Luckily Maxwell has a nice Daddy...that is there for him when he needs him.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

on a lighter note

Henry and Maxwell have a new that is hard for me to accept. They both like to climb on our pubstyle chairs and then onto our table. Then after milling around for a while, they realize that it would be a hard task for them to get what do they do?....they cry and whine. You can frequently find them on the table crying because they don't want to attempt to get down. I don't get the lure of the table but maybe they just want to see what it's like to be on our level for a while...or maybe it's that there's usually food on the table. Which brings me to the next problem. How can we possibly eat dinner with 2 toddlers running around on the table trying to help themselves to everyone's food but their own? I've resorted to telling Andrew, Ashley, and Holly to guard their food with their lives...but how fair is that? Last night I'd had enough and told the older kids to eat on the counter over by the sink so that the boys couldn't get to them. Oddly the kids didn't like that idea and perhaps didn't think they should have to eat on the counter by the sink. weird.

Holly has been grouchier than ever today. She makes it a point to wake up at 4:30 every once in a while just to shake things up. In spite of her bad attitude she let me take some pictures of her cute little self today.

Hard to believe this little girl can have such a foul temper sometimes.'s true. She also makes it a habit of yelling at me in public restrooms. She rarely wants me to come into the public restroom with her...and when I do...she goes into her little stall and yells "HEY...DON'T COME IN HERE!". Hard for me not to laugh really I want to follow her into the bathroom. Anyway, what a sweetie.