Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random happenings. On our way to Bloomington a few weeks ago we stopped at a grocery store to go potty, stretch, etc. Andrew, Ash and I went inside while Daniel circled the parking lot with Holly. When we came out of the store Daniel was still at the back of the parking lot so we had a minute to hang out while we waited. I was looking for Daniel when I happened to turn back around and see Andrew holding and playing with a dead bird....moving its body around and pretending it was flying. I screamed at this point thinking of all the diseases he was most definitely catching and sort of scared him I think. He said sorry and I just explained that it wasn't a toy bird and that it was a DEAD bird and DEAD birds are ...well....less than clean. Later that week we were meeting with a builder and the builder's wife offered to play with the kid while we chatted. While playing with the lady Ashley decided she should tell her that Andrew plays with dead birds..........needless to say we made a very good first impression on that particular lady.....gee and where was that dcfs airport lady....I can hear her saying..."If you loved them you would never let them play with dead birds!"....that would've been fun. Then I would say...."It's because I love them so much that I let them play with dead birds!" maybe not.

Next, lately the weather has been nice...well until's in the 30's but last week the weather was nice enough that we got to play outside lots. Andrew and Ashley have gone for cruises on their Gator several times.....If I'm being honest I was worried that would be more of a stressful present than anything just because I thought Andrew would needs lots of direction. But, he's a natural and drives around the neighborhood just like the big people. Holly loves to ride in the back but whenever Ashley hops out she works her way to the front and usually prefers standing while Andrew drives. She loves living on the edge. When Holly's not in the Gator she's in her own car. Because Holly gets bored with the usual way of doing things she likes to drive her car backwards and in circles. Here's a video of her in her car.

Next, Daniel has a method of keeping Holly happy that I don't subscribe to and soon you'll find out why. When she's whiney or just isn't happy with the usual toys he hands her valuables....such as his wedding ring, watch, the remote to the tv(soo very valuable), his cell phone, and his keys. Well recently most of these things have gone missing....go figure. Today we found his wedding ring deep inside a toy basket.....our remote deep inside a trunk filled with stuffed animals and other various toys, his watch buried in the couch and finally we found his keys swimming in garbage at the bottom of a tied up bag of trash in the garage...all ready to go for tomorrows trash pickup. So you see now I think he'll think twice about handing her whatever to keep her quiet....we'll see. I remember a time in North Carolina when my wallet had gone missing and was found in the trash in the bathroom a few days later. Come to think of it all of my kids have gone through a phase where they think most things ought to go in the times.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good problems to have. So last week we spent the week in Bloomington, IL which by the way is where Daniel got a job which starts in August. We planned to spend the week relaxing with my family, but things didn't go quite like that. We made a couple of appointments with builders which led to several appointments with those builders....which consumed our week and made it fly by. Our poor kids...they were drug from office to office....from spec home to spec home instead of getting spoiled by their grandparents constantly. Don't feel too bad for the end of the week they'd been to the children's museum which is so awesome....a.k.a...has more than a computer chair and a but really I'm so excited to go there at least once a week when we move there. They'd also been to Chucky Cheese's and taken on a few rides on a tractor. They'd been to mcdonalds.....and many other restaurants. Anyway back to building. So Daniel and I never knew there could be as many decisions to make at one time...or factors to consider as there are when choosing to build. Where to build?....granite tops or not?.....wood, tile, or carpet?....location?...all the factors to consider for not only what you want but what would be good for resale. Then...trying to get the best deal....we have to talk about all of this with 4 builders and try to compare their house plans and offers. So, sort of stressful ...but a good I said in the beginning these are good problems to have. Surprisingly between the two of us...never would have guessed this....Daniel is the spendthrift when it comes to picking things for our house. He wants the tiled shower with the glass doors....he wants the home theater system and 5th bedroom in the finished basement. He wants hardwood floors in the family room and study. Finally, Daniel keeps going back to the idea of a rain showerhead in the tile that comes from the ceiling.....12'' diameter....that's luxury. That guy has some rich tastes....who knew? Anyway, I think we're narrowing things down and coming to an agreement with one builder. We'll keep you posted.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The many happenings. I have quite a few things to post here goes. First we'll start with Holly....who loves to climb on and in everything. We recently caught her doing this...

Next, Andrew's class recently had a field trip to a local Science Center...or that's what they like to call it. I usually refer to it as the small room with the dirty toys and a rabbit. But, you know it's not their fault.....they just don't have the funding. I hope to one day be able to help places like this ....that are trying to promote fun educational activities for children.....if you have a chance to donate...I say go for it. place brags of its chair that spins...we're talking a computer chair....that kids just spin around in....this is supposed to be a science center. Anyway, Ashley and Holly got to come along and so below you'll see a picture of them with a girl named Amaya in Andrew's class. He says when he gets older she'll be his honey.....his words...not mine. She's adorable so we'll if when he's in his 40's and ready to get married ...and if she's still available...

Also, due to a shortage of competent gorgeous people to report the news at a local news station.....Ashley and Holly had to step in and show them how it's really done. Questioning whether this is true? Just look below to see proof of my two beautiful talented daughers working hard to deliver important news.

Finally, on the field trip Andrew got to do what he dreams about day and night. He got to dig up dinosaurs.....He was born to be a paleontologist. He's constantly impressing his teachers by pointing out the names of dinosaurs they've never heard of.

Andrew's recently become very picky about his bedtime rituals and settings. For instance, He has to have his nightlight on.....the closet light on with the door cracked at about a 45 degree angle....and the hall light on with his room door at about a 30 degree angle. To make sure all of these are the case...he sleeps sitting up....yep that's right sitting up in his bed. Think after he's asleep he won't notice if you adjust any of these settings?...think again. If I so much as close the door a little within a few minutes he's awake and yelling....OPEN THE DOOR!....pretty crazy. All I have to say doesn't come from my side of the family. ;)