Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The many things life brings

I know....I've fallen off the face of the earth....but without regular internet access I just don't blog anymore. I thought though there were a few things of note worth mentioning. First, Holly fell last Friday and had been sort of favoring her right arm....though she had really no other symptoms...hardly any constant whining....etc. But, here we are one E.R. visit later with a daughter who has a broken arm....fracture on both her ulna and radius. Needless to say Daniel and I were shocked and felt horrible for waiting 5 days to take her to the doctor. So just a heads up....toddlers/babies....don't usually get sprains...and when they do ...they don't usually complain after 5 days or to me. It seemed like any other fall and so after this I'm wondering how my other kids have survived this long without any broken bones....they fall all the time. Luckily Holly is a trooper and her only complaint seems to be about the big cast she's lugging around....a perfect weapon in case her brother or sister gets out of line. :) Also, Andrew, Ashley and I have a virus that makes our eyes bloodshot. So as a family we look pretty run down these days. The kids also have runny noses. Imagine us walking into...well anywhere...the toddler with the arm in a cast the 3 of us with bloodshot watery eyes.....noses running looking like a cow that ran away from the farm.

In other news I signed Ashley up for preschool at a local will be 3 days a week for 2 hours at a time. I'm conflicted over this decision...since she still has 2 years before kindergarten based on her bday being in November. Any advice? I AM about to have twins and I have a I'm afraid I won't have the energy to provide her with playgroups and entertainment like Andrew and Ash used to get....but I realize now's my chance to influence her the most and do I want to hand that off to someone else? I think I might try it for a week or 2 and see how she seems to like it and respond to it. They assured me I can back out at any time. Well that's all I have time for. Our house will be done in 16 days...and it's gorgeous so far....I love it. I'll post pictures soon.