Sunday, July 3, 2011

good times

The other day we took the kids to Chicago for a little family trip. We got a little lost at first...thanks to our possessed GPS...we really should not depend on that thing so much. Anyway, during the confusion Andrew so helpfully asked why we ALWAYS do this...get lost...that is. Imagine our surprise. US...GET LOST?!! Yes we tend to do that whenever we attempt to visit a big city. We did eventually make it to the Museum of Science and Industry, our intended destination. It was a lot of fun...not quite as fun as when I was a kid...things never are. The kids probably liked the submarine the they are in front of it.

Andrew also really enjoyed the weather exhibit...which included a tornado like thing. When he was called up by the museum worker to make some observations...he looked a little panicked and tried to ask what an observation was while being pulled front and center. We knew he'd be ok.

One of these things is not like the is a Holly.

After we got home I started going through the pictures we had taken that day and found these oldies but goodies from when we lived in Durham, NC. Hard to believe Andrew and Ashley were ever that young and innocent.