Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wii fit...or Wii fat?

Today was a low point in the old twin pregnancy. I periodically get on my Wii fit...only when Holly's not around....she fancies herself a Wii fit master and won't let anyone on the board when she's around. Anyway, anyone who has tried a Wii fit knows that the Wii fit can get pretty sassy. For example, when you haven't been on in a few days or weeks it asks stuff like "Too tired to work out yesterday, Erin?" It also doesn't have a pregnant setting and so it can't seem to understand why I keep gaining weight. It usually weighs you first thing and every time I get on it asks me to explain why I keep gaining weight...some options are....eating too much....not exercizing enough....being lazy...etc. Back to today....I weighed myself in the morning and was pleased to see I had lost a few pounds since last time...this never happens. Then around 12 I decided to get on again and the Wii fit started flipping out and asked if I was holding a heavy object. Apparently I had gained so much weight since the morning that it didn't think it was humanly possible and assumed I was holding a cat or something. I hoped it was broken but then Daniel's weight was perfectly normal and all my hopes were crushed. I'll chalk this one up to water weight ....but I mean my goodness. Slowly watching your figure go down the toilet is no fun at all....wondering if you'll ever find it again...even less fun. It'll be worth it....I know.