Wednesday, October 27, 2010

tag I'm it

My SIL Jessica tagged me and I don't really like doing these but I like her so I will give it my best effort.
1. What's your favorite food to eat? to prepare? same or different and why?
My favorite food to eat is bread...any kind of bread: garlic, cinnamon, bruchetta, wheat, white..I love bread. To prepare....hmm cookies. The difference is I'm confident that I can make cookies well and so it's worth making.
2. If you could have one talent what would it be?
I wish I could that I would want to hear Ariel. Man was I dissapointed as a kid when I found out I did NOT sing like Ariel.
3. What is your favorite thing about being married?
Having someone to talk to about whatever...whenever. He IS obligated to talk to me at any time...and he doesn't seem to mind. :)
4. Best childhood Christmas gift?
A cabbage patch doll. It was close to all I got that year and I loved it. She had blonde hair and purple clothes. I loved that doll. If only it were so easy.
5. Favorite thing to do in the autumn?
My favorite thing to do in autumn is probably go to a pumpkin patch with the kiddos. That sort of has it all....Cider...pumpkin donuts....pumpkins...hayrides. I love autumn.
6. Most awkward moment with someone you didn't know?
I'm sure I've had many but as a kid one time in the gym I dropped some money at lunch time and I raised my hand and told the person who came over "ummm that was mine"...and they were like "ummm what are you even talking about". I felt pretty dumb and it was quite awkward.
7. What would you name your own grocery store?
Foodios. Probably not but it's the first thing that came to mind so I figured just go with it. :)
8. Wooden versus mechanical pencils? pros and cons?
I'm going to go with wooden. They're reliable....and that's so much more important that cool or impressive. You can always resharpen wooden whereas the lead always falls out of the mechanical and the eraser does too. I had many annoying experiences as a kid with mechanical...I'm so sorry wooden pencil that I ever took you forgranted.

Get Carded

Ever since the year our first son Andrew was born our family has tried to send out Christmas cards to each of our family members and friends. This would be one way to let everyone know...where we are...what we now look like(good or bad)...and(although I'm guessing noone realizes this) a glimpse of what our style is through the card's design. At first I tried relentlessly to get a "good" family photo that would represent the Ames family at Christmas time. Then I would select some mediocre card template to put our awesome picture on and be satisfied but not thrilled with the results. Last year I got a Christmas card from a family that shall remain nameless and noticed they got their card from and it was awesome. I can't say their picture was perfect...though it was good...but the design from the card made all the difference. They have such cute designs and really have good options that represent our family's style. I seriously can't believe how many options there are. For once...that will be the hard part about our Christmas cards....trying to narrow down all of the adorable options that fit our family to a T....instead of worrying about who is making a face or whether or not our outfits coordinate the way I want. Just look at all the amazing options here Anyway, one of my favorites is the Seasonal Chic 2010 design. It just the best way to describe it and I'll probably be putting our family photo on there and mailing em out to everyone this Christmas. If I don't do that one then I'll go here which has more specific Merry Christmas cards instead of just Happy Holidays. How important is it to you to say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays? I'm glad they give you the option. I love merry memories blue and sooo many more. I guess now the only surprise will be which card I pick to send. So look for yours in the mail! :)