Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is headstart really what it says it is?

So lately while spending day after day with 3 little very needy people....I've been wondering if Andrew would benefit from a preschool program. Kindergarten around here is full day and from what I can tell it's that way in many other places. So rather than throwing him into an all day program next year....which might be a big shock to his system....I thought maybe a half day preschool would help ease him into it. Since we're students...we're not exactly well off so it looks like headstart would be the program for us. Here's the deal though.....headstart has pretty low max income requirements and around 80 % of the attendees come from homes that make less than 15,000 a year. So at the risk of offending some I wonder if this is a good thing or a bad thing for Andrew....and I want some opinions....if you have them. On the one hand it could introduce Andrew to those less fortunate and maybe there wouldn't be any difference...or maybe those children would be more humble...which would be good for him. On the other hand maybe children coming from lower income homes have less interested parents and therefore are lacking the morals I want Andrew to be exposed to. I know eventually if he goes to public schools there are all kinds of kids lacking the morals I want him to have but he's still so little and impressionable. Sure I'd like to believe he'd say "hey...that's not right....my mommy says we don't say that....or please be nice...yadda yadda".....but like I said he's still a little guy and these are the important years...and this year I have more control over who he'll be exposed to than in years to come...shouldn't I take advantage of that? So, would headstart give him a headstart.....or a potty mouth?


Cory, Jennifer and Jillian said...

Here are my thoughts...I know that I feel the same way. The elementary school in our district is not a good school, both in its educational plan and the students that attend. I have the question/problem too...Do I want to keep my child in a bubble and protect them from the world, or is it good for them. Well I think that what matters is the educational program. If it is a good program and you think that Andrew will learn and benefit from being in the classes, I would still send him. Also it doesn't hurt to try, if you don't get good vibes from the school and how he is reacting to it, take him out. Hope this helps!

melancholyjune said...

I am all for headstart. The students could be horrible but the teacher always makes a huge difference. I have the option for putting S in a program here for 5 days a week but at half a day. I have heard great things about this school and program. So before you make a rash decision, as some moms in your ward to see if they have utilized the headstart there. Andrew may like it. Pray about it and do some more research. Good luck!

Jessica said...

okay, so not being that familiar with headstart here is what my opinion is. you can always start him in it and if you're pleased with the environment/education then leave him in. if not, you can always pull him out, but it might be worth a try. nice for him to see some other kids and nice for you to have a break. or, once you get to know some more moms around there, you could always start a home pre-school. take turns doing a lesson and have it be a few times a week at different houses. i think i'd be more interested in that. oh, and i didn't make greta's cake. i was way too tired so i bought one. i had my iron checked at the OB that day and it was low so now i am on iron supplements. i'm so glad i'm not just super lazy (okay, i am, but it wasn't the total cause).