Sunday, October 26, 2008

Noticing the good things. Andrew and Ashley have become quite the good older brother/sister. Andrew is my in-the-car helper who feeds Holly Cheerios in the car...especially on long trips. This sometimes stresses him out I think and he frequently says "I'm having a hard time feeding Holly".....or "Just one more right?"...but it's good for him. He knows how often to give her one by her signal. She growls when she wants another one and so then he puts another cheerio in her mouth....I should say 5 cheerios...she's getting bigger. Perhaps we should teach her sign language so that she doesn't have to growl at us to get food. Or, I suggested to Daniel tonight that we teach her a high-pitched growl for when she wants drinks and then of course a low-pitched growl for bites of food. Anyway, I can always depend on Andrew to help me out with Holly for feeding and entertaining her in the car.

Ashley too is enjoying her role as an older sibling. She always gives the first drink from her sippy cup to Holly. Also when I give Ashley peanut mnm's's not too long after that I see Holly come around the corner with blue (or whatever color mnm I gave Ashley) drool streaming down her face. I then tell more mnm's for Holly she could choke....but the idea was sweet ....right?

Finally, Holly is starting to walk more than just a few steps....seems to be in sync with her 2nd cousin...first cousin once removed....I dunno....anyway Callie Green...I hope I spelled her name right. So Holly walks....and it's so adorable to see the look of pride in her eyes accompanied by a huge grin as we cheer her on with each step. Tonight we put Andrew and Ashley's mini pumpkins in their wal-mart shopping cart and let Holly push it around the kitchen. She loved it!
Ahhh sweet sometimes.

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