Sunday, April 10, 2011

This past week

I love when my boys are all dressed makes them look like grownups in little bodies. Max added the binkie and blankie to show you he's still a kid at heart.

I've mentioned this before but Max and Henry have all of the sudden gotten really into watching movies. This is both good and bad. We all need a break sometimes...I do...and so this is a good break for me. We also all need our brains to develop....and so that is how this is potentially bad...I don't think much develops in their brain while they watch Tangled...though I think it's a delightful movie.
Not much development going on here for Henry.

Max looks a little more alive.

We went to the zoo yesterday in St. Louis. It was REALLY warm...almost 90 but we've been waiting for the warmth so it was appreciated. To start off Ashley picked me some flowers and weeds. Every day I get several dandelions from Andrew, Ashley, and Holly(from my yard..grrr) to put in a vase.

Andrew really wanted to see the Rhino. This trip was for his birthday so of course we granted his wish.

A nice lady at the zoo gave up a bunch of free tickets to ride the carousel...thank you nice lady. So Henry, Andrew, Holly, Ashley, and Daniel got to ride. Max was busy eating a lemon icee with me. Daniel rode only to help Henry who would NOT be helped if he had anything to say about it.

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Rachel said...

I love your boys' pullover sweaters. They look adorable in them!