Saturday, September 17, 2011

postworthy events

We've been busy the last few weeks with the start of school for Andrew and Ashley(as you know)...and preschool for Holly. Here are a few first day of school pictures. Must have been quite sunny.

Those were some bittersweet days. They'll always be my babies though. Andrew and Ashley also started soccer a couple of weeks ago and had their 2nd and 3rd games today. It's definitely kept us busy but it's been a lot of fun too. I love going to the games and watching them play. Henry and Max love it too. They kept running on the field to let the coach know that they were ready to go in at any time....truly dedicated players.

Henry and Max love a good soccer game. They get in plenty of practice while waiting for their call to go in from the coach.

Henry is such a sweet and playful guy!

The soccer fields are right next to the airport runways so the boys get to see lots of airplanes too. yay!

Finally Andrew recently was the "star of the week" at school and he had to bring in 12 pictures that told about who he was. It was fun going back through old pictures. here are a couple.


Tyler said...

I know everyone says this, but I don't usually since you hear it so much and it wouldn't mean much, but I just have to say how adorable all your kids are! I wish you all could make it out for the wedding. Oh well, there will be other opportunities to see you all.

The Nelsons said...

What a cutie pie family you have. Love them. Glad A&A are enjoying soccer. Greta's enjoying her season thus far as well. :)