Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time is flying

So much has happened over the past couple months! First Facebook has robbed me of my desire to post...but because this is as close to a journal as I get...I'm going to post even repeats from Facebook. So time is flying by and I'm feeling so old lately or at least feeling like I should feel old given that I have FIVE kids and a THIRTY year-old husband. Yep Daniel just turned 30 and we had a little surprise party for him with some of our friends....even though the picture looks like maybe we have no friends.

The kids got to see Santa downtown Normal to start off this Christmas season. The paper said there'd be all kinds of fun Christmasy things for everyone....but this is all we found. Oh well seeing Santa for 30 seconds is better than nothing.

The weekend after Thanksgiving we decided to decorate our Christmas tree. As you can see it only made sense to decorate the top third of the tree. Henry and Max spend their spare time pulling off ornaments and shoving pine cones in the tree.

Maxwell and Henry have really ramped up their efforts at being destructive lately. While I was on the way out the other day, Henry spilled a half gallon of milk all over the kitchen floor and a few days later Max decided to lead the way in pulling all of the keys off our laptop keyboard...AGAIN...sigh.

Last year when I found out at around bedtime that Andrew's school was having a Christmas hat spirit day, I decided to use what I had and make him a santa/elf hat. This year I got 2 more hats for the other kids and figured they'd all be jolly. Turns out my hat isn't the most coveted hat this year but somehow they managed to pose without ripping each other's heads off to get the hat they wanted.

Max loves dogs...and this one won't bite him so bonus. We thought this looked like it came straight out of a catalog...minus the blurriness.

When I got my new Iphone I came across these pictures from my old phone from when the twins were babies. The first one is Max and the Second one is Henry. They were so little and elf-like. :)

We had another birthday in the family recently. Little Ashley turned 6! And if you can't make people look silly on their birthday when can you?!

Henry and Max spent time during the birthday party in their favorite chair at Grandpa's house. Henry was very serious about watching his show and not being disturbed.

I got the twins moose hats recently...and Henry was kind enough to keep it on for more than 5 seconds. Max was not so kind. I bet he'll change his tune when it's -20 outside and it's his only hope.

And finally the van has also been dressed up for the holidays. To my shock, many people have not embraced its new look and in fact are embarrassed of it. Do I think it looks classy?...No. Do I think it spreads Christmas cheer and makes things more fun for my kids?...YES. So, the costume stays. There aren't many good things about a big brown van, but why can't its uncanny resemblance to a reindeer be one of them?


The Nelsons said...

Haha. I love this post. And those kids. :)

adespain said...

I love reading your posts. They sound so much like my life it is nice to read them and think, I am glad I'm n ot the only one. Your family looks great.