Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Opportune times

Today we are on our way to a St. Louis Cardinals game. It'll be a first for all the kids. So...I thought it'd be fun to make a few Cardinals shirts. I made a few for the boys, Daniel, and I. This was unacceptable to the girls. They whined their way into getting me to stop with all 5 kids at Target after Cub Scout pack meeting. It was going to be a quick run in, grab and buy 2 solid shirts, and run out. Within a minute of being in Target, all heck breaks loose. Everyone is yelling and wrestling. Then comes the "someone stabbed me" scream from Max. Apparently Henry pushed him down and he hit his forehead hard on the carpet. After making sure max was ok I sort of lost it and yelled "Can you all just behave for ONE minute?!!!" To which Henry calmly and seriously replied "No." That was followed by raucous laughter. Perfect timing as I was clearly in a jolly mood by this point. The kids got a good talking to on the way home after that. Here we are in our shirts on the way to the game.

Finally, Holly has a new habit which tends to drive me insane. It seems as though when things are extremely stressful in the van(they always are with 5 kids) Holly decides to ask this helpful question, "Mom, are you going the speed limit?!" I love her but this usually isn't what I need to hear when she asks it. I usually need to hear "Don't worry. This car ride won't last forever. They won't always try to kill each other in the van." I need something like that.

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adespain said...

I love that you just summed up most my trips to the store, only the fifth still has 1 1/2 weeks to cook before joining the chaos.