Wednesday, September 2, 2009

As promised

Here Andrew is on his first day of kindergarten. Everyone asks "Was that hard for you?" No...not really because he was sooo excited to go....he loves school....I was busy just being happy for him. Sure I miss him and all of his questions....but just look at that genuine smile ;)

And of course here is my little trooper Holly with her dirty(we've had a dirt yard for the last week or so) purple cast. She never whines about her cast and acts as if she always had a purple arm of steel....what a girl!

Here's Ashley in what I think is a great color for her....she's gorgeous. So, I decided not to have her go to preschool this year. I thought I should ask her first before officially backing out.

Me: Ashley, would it be okay if you stayed home with Mommy this year and went to preschool next year?

Ashley: Why?

Me: Because Holly and I would miss you and I need your help with Holly and the new babies.

Ashley: Okay, I'll go to preschool next year.

That's seriously how it sugar-coating whatsoever. What a sweetheart huh?....thanks Ash.

Here's the front of our new house...and newly sodded lawn(Yay!)

A kitchen shot

A dark family room shot


The Oswalds said...

Gorgeous house, even more gorgeous children. I'm glad Andrew is so happy to go to school, that is a relief. I still can't believe Holly is such a big girl already. So are you going to get internet again so we can have more frequent updates on your sweet family? Miss you guys!

adespain said...

Your kids are all looking so grown up and attractive, I though you were going to say you weren't putting Ashley in preschool because she is so dang cute. Love the house, it must feel nice to be in a home that feels long term! Hope you are feeling well, I have never been able to imagine carrying 2 babies in me.

melancholyjune said...

GORGEOUS house! Glad Ashley is going to stay home. She'll be a great helper. Holly is a doll! Keep us updated!!

The Nelsons said...

i love your house! it's gorgeous! your kids are gorgeous. poor holly! but she's so sweet. holly and ash look so much alike to me. and i can't believe andrew is so old. man! wish we could come out for christmas. i MISS you guys!!

Tyler said...

I am blown away by how blond Holly is. It is crazy to me that she was born about the same time that I got home. She just looks so big.