Sunday, September 13, 2009

twins at 30 weeks

The following will be a glimpse into the life of someone who will soon have had 5 kids in 5(yes that's right 5) years. So I'm at the point ...let's be honest I have been for a while....where everyone I meet looks at me with pity and says something along the lines of "Any day now, huh?" In fact a lady at church today told me I "look miserable"....I'll just assume she meant that I look like I FEEL miserable. I told her I'd try to look more chipper in the future. Anyway, after going through the speech about no I'm not due anytime soon but I'm having twins and oh yes I already have 3 ages 5, 3.5, and, 20mos.....the pitying looks turn to are completely crazy and I get a lot of "I know you can do it...but there's no way I could/would do that to myself." Then I feel I must reassure whoever it is that "Yes,it'll be crazy....but we'll make it"....(I can't say for sure that I know how at this point....but I still feel obligated to reassure these poor pitying souls) So on top of these endless encounters as far as how I'm physically feeling let's just say I'm seriously considering using the motorized carts at the grocery stores. I feel like a big slug and it's quite possible I will lean over for the last time one of these days ....I simply won't come back toes have become very coordinated and serve me well. A good gift idea at this point would be one of those pincher things with the long stick attached for reaching things on high shelves or for people who can't recover from leaning over like myself. On the upside people say you can't tell I'm prego from the back. In fact, while placing sprinklers around the lawn the other day I was honked at by some classy construction workers....who I'm sure as they turned the corner and got a profile shot realized they got more than they bargained for...perhaps they sped up at this point. Anyway, I'm so excited for 2 adorable little babies to come but I'm also scared...and I do appreciate words of encouragment.....however no one honestly knows whether I can do it and do it well....not even me till I get there...but then what else are you going to say?...something like "gee you'll probably have a nervous breakdown....or yeah you may not be able to handle it with the 5 there....sure glad I'm not you". Each week I think...can I really get any bigger?...sure enough ....I do.....The babies are approximately 4 lbs a piece right now....that's a good size single baby right there. Did I mention I'm only 30 weeks. :) So there're my crazy thoughts for the day. We're in for quite an adventure to say the least. I just have to hold on to that original feeling of winning the lottery that I had when I first found out we were having twins....I do really feel that's just mixed in with lots of other thoughts.

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Heidi Ashworth said...

You are amazing! (And so are your coordinated toes.) Sure wish we lived closer (er, actually, that YOU lived closer) so that I could cuddle those dumplings when they get here!