Monday, May 10, 2010

Is it ok?

Lately I've been thinking about how much I love our house, decor, yard, and just everything about it. We are blessed to be able to have a house as nice as this....and to have been able to pick what we wanted. I find myself staring at the builtin bookshelves or our newly furnished library(partially furnished...ok just a couch) and thinking wow that looks so nice. But then here's the it ok really to have things this nice? Does anyone really NEED granite countertops or leather couches when so many people have so little. Shouldn't I be spending my time and money on better things? When I'm old I don't think I'll look back and say my goodness I loved that couch...instead will I regret not living in a meager home so that I could do all I could to help others? Don't get me wrong. We do donate to charity...but is it enough? The way I just justify our nice house is that I want to create a nice and cozy place for my family...a place to create warm memories in....a place where the kids want to be....and a place where their friends want to be(not the obnoxious ones of course :)) Couldn't this be done in a small house with linoleum kitchen floors? About now you might be thinking....sounds like you've been reading too much Walden....but seriously how does anyone justify so much luxury? I somehow do it....sort of put those thoughts on the shelf while I happily host bbq's in my big pretty house. I know those things(a pretty home, nice clothes, toys, etc) seem to make me happy....but I also know that kind of happiness is only temporary and won't bring the kind of happiness I'm really interested in. Anyway food for thought. I'm really interested in your thoughts on this.


Jenny said...

I really think you should go with those feelings. Get rid of things -- give it all to me for instance;) No, but really, having nice things doesn't necessarily mean that you're bad. Lehi was loaded. What is the intention of your heart? If you feel uncomfortable with certain modifications to your home, your furnishings, etc, then I think you should take a step back and evaluate, but the Lord wants us to have nice things. In my opinion, it really all goes back to the intention of your heart. Are you frivolously spending, or are you doing things frugally? There's just a lot more to it. I think you're fine.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I think about these things a lot. Being both rich and poor, I see-saw on this issue--a lot. I don't know that I have really come up with a satisfactory answer. I think it is our right to create a lovely and comfortable home within our means, esp for the sake of our children. However, if the cost of your entryway alone could fund someone's college education, I think there's a problem there. General authorities have spoken about the immorality of building large homes (I'm assuming yours isn't too large--yours is a large family)and one hears bad things about those who live in "spacious buildings". Meanwhile, I am glad I will never be given the opportunity to have to make a choice like that. Except for the fact that we could use a fourth bedroom (I feel so bad for Peter having to share with Michael and he feels pretty rotten about it, too)I am glad that our 1,000 square feet is all that we have. At the same time, temples are made with gorgeous and expensive materials and Brigham Young said that every woman has the right to beautify her home and plant a vine to go over the front door. I tend to stretch that as far as I can (I don't do well, emotionally, if not surrounded by beauty)but I think that, in the end, those who are truly Christlike, won't care about granite counters. We *all* have such a long way to go in that regard, however.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Having said all that, I have received far more joy from using my resources to provide someone with something they needed than from any home decor project.

The Boring Family said...

Hey! It's Mackenzie Boring, your old Wymount friend.
I think you are very deserving of nice things! I think the problem lies in always wanting more. I have learned to be happy with what I do have and remember how blessed I am to have it. I know for me, personally, I seem to get in a jealous, "wanting" mood when I look too much at what others have and wish I could have it too.
But, then I get a reality check and peace of mind when I realize that what we have is enough and it's what's within our means.
It's a constant balancing act, and, the situation is always changing,so as long as you're not overspending, I think it's fine. Just make sure you're not jeopardizing long terms stability and goals for temporary and "instant" gratification now. Having never seen your home, but knowing you guys as people, I'm sure you're okay. (Plus, with 5 little kids, you deserve to treat yourself to a few nice things!)