Wednesday, August 18, 2010

zoo time

I got a new camera last week and so I tried it out at the zoo and on my children. I still have much to learn in the ways of photography but at least I've got some adorable material to work with!
About 6 months ago I got a Bonzai Palm tree from my dad and was certain it'd be dead within in a week. Recently it sprouted a new branch....which for the first time made me feel like a successful nurturer...odd that I have 5 children and hadn't felt this before. Anyway, here's a picture of the new branch on my thriving plant.

This is the result of a long and fun day at the zoo. Moments like these are few and far between. A random guy at the zoo yesterday told Daniel he knew which twin was older. He said he knew because the older twin is always slightly bigger than the other. Max is the older one. Which one is Max? The one on the left is Max. That guy was full of baloney by the way.

We got to pet the rays at the St. Louis Zoo yesterday. We were also "lucky" enough to get to feed them if we so desired. I thought the kids would like to so I bought some food. Turns out they were too scared and couldn't really that leaves me with a handful of raw fish to hold out and let the ray glide over my hand and suction food off of it. It was SO cool and creepy...I jumped every felt like they were going to bite my hand off....but I still have both hands and all 10 digits.

The three mustketeers...Ashley, Holly, and Andrew in front of the Elephants at the St. Louis Zoo yesterday.

Ash is such a cute girl. I made her pose a few times to test out my new camera on the perfect subject.

Henry has a great big smile and he's currently winning the competition for favorite twin...for his smiley personality.....with Daniel he's winning anyway. I appreciate Max's fireball self.

Here's my little Max and his camo helmet. He gets lots of extra attention and sympathy for wearing the helmet....not to mention it's a great head protector when he's less than graceful.


Tyler said...

As I learn things about DSLR photography, I'll pass them along to you. Right now I could tell you that a good aperature for portraits is 2.8, if that helps at all.

Your day at the Zoo looks pretty cool, thanks for the advice on your way home yesterday.

Heidi said...

He has to wear a helmet? Did I miss something? They are all five adorable, either way. And one reason why I love to garden is that it is very much like raising children but the rewards are so much quicker and, er, um, quicker (therefore more satisfying).