Monday, February 21, 2011

my boys

Henry and Max love pictures. They can't get enough of em.

In other news Max has been labeled the crazy one. He has had some crazy falls lately due to his crazy actions. He's had a couple bloody noses...and I don't think any of my other kids have ever had a bloody nose. Anyway, if that doesn't convince you of Max's craziness perhaps this will...

It's just somehow not quite as cute when you have blood dripping from your nose Max.

Last week(before the virus from heck swept through our home)....Daniel and I went to get the boys for bed. We found them happily watching a movie with their sisters. Well Henry was watching and Max was busy climbing all over Ashley. Max...why can't you be a good little zombie like your siblings when a movie is on?! I know this quality will serve him well.

And finally, I found out yesterday that Daniel really cannot tell Henry and Maxwell apart...without looking for a pinch on Henry's ear. I thought he just told people that to amuse them...but no...he's quite serious. Someone the other day asked if the boys knew their names pretty well...and while they should....I've discovered Daniel after spending an hour or so with one of the twins...calling that twin by his brother's name. So, if they don't quite have it down(they do)...who can blame them. Anyway, I tell Daniel and everyone else that I just see a different face when I look at them...Max has a Max face and Henry a Henry face. Maybe I'll always be the only one who can tell the difference...I feel special. :)


The Nelsons said...

Max IS quite the character....I can usually tell them apart. Henry has a more square face and Max's face is a bit more pointy. Plus Henry likes me, so whichever twin wants to play with me is Henry. :)

Rachel said...

Kolby and I are chuckling about Daniel calling your boys the wrong name. We can't really say anyting though because we've never had twins! They sure are cuties!