Monday, February 7, 2011

A few WORDS of advice

When you're playing scrabble over the internet on your ipod with someone....doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose if you're using a word generator? As some of you already know, I love a good word game, specifically scrabble. So, you can imagine how excited I was when I found out I could play as many scrabble games at once as I wanted on my new ipod touch that I got for Christmas. Anyway, you can play random opponents who also have this app...which I do. Now, I consider myself a reasonably good scrabble player, but there's one random person I play who always beats me. Okay, I beat this person once, but barely. Anyway, you can request a rematch which I usually do if I lose because I thought maybe this person would help me sharpen my scrabble playing skills. So, I've played this person again and again ...and again and again I'm put to shame. I recently asked this person if they've been to the scrabble olympics...or nationals...and they said in a very serious way that no they had not been to such events. Anyway, we kept playing and I kept losing. So, today I finally asked if they use a word generator. You have to be a real scrabble nerd to know what this is...and I only have a vague idea. I think it's some sort of program where you say you have these letters and this many spaces and it will tell you a word...probably something you've never heard of if you have to use such a program. Anyway, it's CHEATING! So here I was thinking man this person is good and I'm just not that good....when all along they were using a word generator. Who does that?! How can you feel good about a win when you CHEAT like that. That's like going hunting and bringing a dead dear and planting it in the woods and then after a while going out to collect it and bragging to your friends that you always get one. It's worse than corking your bat or using steroids in professional sports...because this is SCRABBLE and who cares if you win or lose. So the moral of the story is, if you're going to play scrabble, do not use a word generator unless you want to win.


The Nelsons said...

Hilarious. :) At least this person admitted it. haha! I will play you in scrabble anytime, but as you know, I'm not good competition - you'll always win.

Tyler said...

I agree, that's pretty funny. Does Daniel ever beat you?

Rachel said...

I'm surprised they would admit it if they are so die hard. And I never knew you were a scrabble junkie. We love to play a game we call "Go" with Kolby's family. You play with the scrabble letters on the table and build as many words as you can. Anyway, at least you beat him once, even with his word generator!