Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Fun

Last weekend the kids and I and their grandparents went to Tanner's Orchard. It was a beautiful day so needless to say other people had the same idea for fun. It was crowded. But, we all still had a great time. Max and Henry's favorite part by far...besides whining was feeding the animals. Max would get so excited every time the goats would get near.

At first Henry was really shy so when he got food to feed the animals he would just run up and throw it at them and then quickly run away. But by the end he started warming up and feeding the goats more than food.

Andrew and Ashley spent a fair amount of time running on top of the straw bail maze but stopped for me to take a photo.

The girls road in style while their grandma peddled.

The kids all ran to the top of a big hill...even though you can't tell.

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