Saturday, October 1, 2011

I am blessed

Today was a rough day. Daniel taught a class last night...and then again this morning...followed by a church meeting which made me a single mom of 5 for more time than I would like. Okay so any amount of time as a single mom would be too much for me. Anyway, Henry and Max really make things hard. They are soooo adorable and so sweet but they can be real bears...hard to believe...I KNOW. I anticipated these couple of days being I tried hard to keep a positive attitude and get through it. Things were going as planned...hard but manageable and then tonight at a friends my boys took turns seeing who could cry the loudest...after I spilled a cup of milk in my newly purchased...over-priced purse and just never a break. I had had enough....I was feeling sorry for myself. After getting home and finally getting everyone in bed I came down to start cleaning the kitchen when I looked over at a piece of decor I bought today. It's the word Blessed cut out of wood in big black cursive letters. I had plans of putting it on the mantle and set it there earlier today. When I looked over to see how it looked I realized it blended in with the background. I nearly missed it. Then the big lesson from this hit me. So often I nearly miss the blessings in my life. I get so focused on everything else that I don't take time to really see and appreciate just how blessed I am. So that's my thought for tonight...I need to make sure I am aware of and grateful for how truly blessed I am. By the way. I will be moving the picture up so that the word Blessed stands out....I won't miss it. :D

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