Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What can YOU do in 30 seconds?!

Over the last few weeks Henry and Max have amazed me time and again with what they can do in 30 seconds...unsupervised of course. Here is a list of things they've done.
1. Henry ate half a pack of gum while I was on the computer in the other room for 30 sec.
2. Henry or Max threw a new bottle of children's Tylenol from upstairs over the balcony...shattering the lid and spraying Tylenol everywhere.
3. Max's favorite unsupervised activity is splashing around in the toilet.
4. Max cracked a DVD in half in the time it took me to put another movie in the player...that takes some real determination.
5. Max likes to clear the whole dinner table of all of its contents in 30 seconds.
6. When left unlocked the ice/water dispenser becomes a target. They commonly spray ice everywhere.(picture below)
7. They also both live to rearrange the furniture and then jump from couch to couch...hopefully we don't have to add break leg to this list.

They are certainly busy boys. We have a number of procedures to prevent most of these. The most effective is to yell at any given moment "NO NO!"...that has saved our computer in the library several times. All I hear after that is scurrying and I usually find them with guilty looks sitting on the couch next to the computer desk.

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The Nelsons said...

They're sure adorable though. :)