Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting crafty

Daniel got me a silhouette for Mother's Day and while I was excited to get it....I wondered how many years would go by before I'd get it out and really use it. With baby number 6 on the way, however, I felt motivated to get it out. Why? Because I knew I wanted to make a shirt to answer all of the questions I'd be getting this summer when going in public with all 5 kids and a baby on the way. Here are my creations. The pink one has an answer for the inevitable questions I get multiple times during every outing with the kids. The white shirt is just for fun. I'm excited to make onesies and cute shirts for my kids.

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The Nelsons said...

I've gotten the "hands full" comment from two or three people in the last couple of days. Is three that many? Good work on your crafts. :)