Tuesday, June 18, 2013

They grow up so fast

This year a few friends and I did joy school together for Holly and her friends. Holly loved it and always looked forward to it. The only time I less than loved it was during my week to teach. The twins were always eager to "help" and participate....mostly by screaming, fighting, and distracting from the lessons. But we made it through with the help of my friends and had a little graduation party for the kids. Holly will start kindergarten in the fall and I am going to miss her. I don't have a favorite child but if I did it'd probably be her since she's so even keeled. Here's hoping I can restrain myself from showing up to her school the first day of kindergarten and crying in the office like a crazy woman. What kind of lunatic would do that? This kind apparently(flashbacks from Ashley's first day :)). The twins will start preschool as well since they have a few delays to work on. What does this mean. It means I'll have about 2 months where half the day I am kid free. Going from 3 kids home to none for a while will be weird. Somehow I think I'll manage. :)

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