Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A quick rant. Yesterday was our trip home from Idaho Falls. We had 2 flights with 2 hour drives before and after the 2 flights and a 3 hour layover in between. All went relatively well considering we had 3 kids under 4 and 7 carryons to avoid paying more for the extra bags...until we got off the plane in St. Louis. At this point, Ashley, having concluded she'd had enough, decided that she'd flop down and throw a major fit unless we carried her. Keep in mind we were carrying Holly and many other carryons and coats. In times past and on this particular occasion I decided to let her lay there and tantrum and said "We'll see ya sleeping here tonight?"....and pretended to walk on as if we'd leave her. Well Daniel and I got 15 feet away when a very concerned 50-year-old woman rushed up to Ashley's the same time another woman came up to me and said you hang in daughter did the same thing which I replied thanks, but looks like she's calling our bluff. Anyway so Daniel goes back to tell Ash again to get up when the concerned old lady says "Anyone could have taken her....I can't believe you left her like that....If you don't want her ......I know lots of people who do.....I'll take her....I suggest you pick her up right now....etc...etc." Daniel replied "Do you have children?"...she said no.....he said"Obviously........and we love our daughter which is why we're trying to raise her right". ended with her walking off yelling "ILL REPORT YOU" and me giving her the evil eye. Needless to say this was a very frustrating experience for me. I guess I'm tired of people thinking that the way to show your children love is to give in to their every demand and let them walk all over you. I can tell you from experience that children don't know what's best for them and if it were up to them they'd never sleep except for when they pass out...they'd be fulll of sugar all the time..... they'd never wear a coat outside....and apparenlty they'd be carried everywhere ....never learning how to walk. In my opinion that is not loving them. Do I have all the answers? of course not, but I want people to know that discipline does not equal negligence.....I think just the opposite does.

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