Saturday, January 24, 2009

What do we do in our spare time? Hard to believe we have any spare time what with all of the flus we're constantly fighthing off.....but when we get a free moment here are a few things we apparently like to do.

We take the occasional trip to the moon...without any oxygen or protective gear.

Having spent all our money on trips to the moon.....we look for other cheaper ways to entertain ourselves......for some it doesn't take much.
A new hobby for Holly inlcudes crawling under our bathroom sink and ripping up toilet paper brings her hours of joy.

When those don't satisfy us we try to look really cool....hence the following TWO pictures.

Living in a small town in IL has deluded some into believing a Fu manchu is cool.

Finally, Andrew got a John Deere Gator for Christmas....and is running into less and less these days. Holly enjoys riding along in the back....and in fact is a great rider. It can go up to 18mph in 2nd but sticking to my stepdad's advice....We haven't told Andrew about 2nd geer....maybe when he's 30. ANyway, we have a back up car now.

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