Thursday, February 19, 2009

Because I'm sick of seeing my last post. Yes, I'm writing because one who has their own blog should have written something new by now right?...even if they think there's nothing sensational to write about. We're all back on the healthy train again...everyone but me recently had a cold...Daniel completely lost his voice for a bit which of course makes it hard to lecture to 120 students 3 days a week...but he managed. He was born to teach...entertain...and he gets to do both. Moving I went and saw Confessions of a shopaholic with a friend for a girl's night out. Here's my review. It was a little over the top...everything a bit too unbelievable...but a cute story that Erin(being me) could relate to. I admit it and pretty much everyone who knows me must know ...or be somewhat aware of the fact that I'm a shopaholic. All of the feelings she describes about shopping and the highs she gets from buying something cute and new that of course never lasts and must be sought after time and time again....I can relate. Now, do I buy kind of stuff? But, I do like to shop nonetheless and can be snobby about it...just can't afford to be that snobby. So, in the end...each time she's out shopping she has to say to herself "Do I need this?".....and use the real definition of need instead of the one shoppers in the movie when she says...."I need these cashmere gloves because it's winter and I have hands" I plan on following her advice.......and as for the movie....I'd say shopaholics will enjoy it more than others....who might find it incredibly hard to relate to such irrational behavior. Although more and more these days I think most Americans are shopaholics in some form or another...may not all being buying clothes but we all seem to love consuming. So much of our time is spent on buying things...or coming up with new things that we have to have.....the neverending list. I have one of those...always on the hunt for something...never quite satisfied. Anyway sometimes I think it's sad that so much of my life is wrapped around consuming....shouldn't I be doing more important and fulfilling things?....yes I have a family and I watch my children and help them learn...and I believe that's a great way to spend my time....but shouldn't I be helping others instead of looking for the new trendy shoes I saw in my People Style Watch(a new magazine I subscribe to)? I could talk about this forever so I'll end here. When I die I don't want to regret how much time and money I spent on consuming and how little I spent on making someone else's life better.

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