Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blogs are supposed to be little highlights from your life right? seems like something is wrong if the highlights are all about the throwup flu going round and round your family. But....thanks to anti-bacterial hand soap and prayers we're all flu free for thanks. Also, Ashley's doing great potty-training....piece of cake compared to how Andrew did......she still potties on the floor occasionally but it's more out of laziness than anything...anyway less diapers to change....YAY! Holly on the other hand has become quite the night owl. As I type in fact....Daniel is in bed about to pass out from exhaustion....and I'd be right there with him if our toddler weren't in the kitchen right now emptying our cabinets of all the food within reach.....oh wait no.....she wandered into her older siblings room and is playing with toys.....her favorite is to climb the bunkbed ladder...usually without success so we have to hide it. She does however give hugs upon request which is enough to keep me going....makes it all worth while.

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