Friday, May 20, 2011

We can go outside

Good's been warm enough for the past few days that I think it's safe to say playing outside is an option. So we've been digging some holes and planting some plants. We always seem to have a helper with us whether we want one or not. I was just saying to Daniel that I can't believe Henry and Max haven't tried to destroy our plants yet. Then 2 seconds later they started ripping leaves off of our barberry plants. Those are supposed to have prickers. The lady said if you have kids you won't want these...well even the prickers on those aren't enough to keep Henry and Max away...oh well. We also have plenty of knockout rose bushes...which also have prickers...good luck with those boys. ;) Here's one of our little helpers.

Another fun family outing is when we all go to Menard's...the local hardware store. There's something for everyone. They have a big play area with all of their outside playsets in their greenhouse seasonal building. All the kids love it and Henry and Maxwell expecially seem to have endless amounts of energy as they climb up the ladder on the big playset and go down the big twisty yellow tube slide. They are so brave...I'm sure I would have hesitated at their age. The kids also love to jump on the trampoline....Ash can do a flip(glorified sommersault)...which is pretty cool. The twins like to get on there too....just to give me a heartattack while they run towards the edge. Henry especially loves the trampoline.

Also, can I just say that on October 28, 2009 two soccer stars were born. These boys love to kick the ball and run...if they really do have any athletic talent...they didn't get it from me and word on the street is Daniel used to pick flowers at his soccer games. So, it's a mystery.

Last week Andrew's class had a spring music concert. They all sang lots of songs about frogs, bugs, monkeys, and other spring things. He didn't want to wear what I suggested but he did anyway...what a trooper. Doesn't he look handsome?

Finally, here's Ashley who insisted on getting a picture by the flowers. Love her.


The Nelsons said...

Looks like some beautiful weather for some beautiful kids! We were so pleased to see A, A and H when they came! :)

Rachel said...

Isn't it amazing how much happier mom and children are when you're able to go outside?! I am so relieved to have winter behind us. Your kids are so cute. I can't believe what little dare devils the twins are!

Heidi said...

Yay for going outside! How do we ever survive winter? You are brave to live in the land of the giant cold--I would never make it.

Tyler said...

It seems to me that if both of your oldest children continue on their current course that Ashley is likely to give you a lot more problems as a teenager than Andrew. Without ever having been a parent, it seems lucky to me to have the good kid go first and set a good example for the next. Things can change, and maybe I'm predicting wrong, but I'm just sayin'