Wednesday, May 4, 2011

yet again

Scene: Ashley and I on the way home from a friends house. Ashley sees me unbuckle my seatbelt right when we turn into our subdivision.

Ashley: "If you are going to do that(unbuckle my seatbelt early) then I'm going to do that. And, if you don't want me to do that then you'd better not do that. As long as you're going to get unbuckled early then so am I. If you want me to stay buckled then you better."

Maybe I should start a blog just about Ashley. She has a good point about me living the way I want my kids to live....but really?...who is the parent here?! She really gets her point across with all that repitition too.

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The Boring Family said...

I should be grateful that all my kiddos are still in carseats!! I could just see my almost 5-year old, Morgan saying that same thing to me!