Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where did THAT come from?

Scene: Daniel in the car with our 5 children going to get frostys from Wendy's

Ashley: "GOOOO DADDY!!"
Daniel: "I can't...the light isn't green."
Ashley: "Oh so you have to wait till it's green?"
Daniel: "Yep...then we can go."
Ashley: "Would it be really mean if when the light turned green we waited to go until the last possible second so only you get to go through the green light?"
Daniel: "Yes...yes that would be mean."

I'm not sure where Ash gets these road ragey ideas...could it be from her Grandpa Darrell...or from her less than "go with the flow" mother(I don't think of myself as having road rage...until someone else is in the car usually just staring in horror as I yell left and right at other cars)....we may never know. All I have to say is....if she's coming up with ideas like that at the age of 5...watch out world!

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The Nelsons said...

I find this vastly amusing. :)