Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earlier tonight Daniel, I, and kids were playing on the driveway when I noticed a clump of hair on Ashley's back.....then another and....then another. Then we found clumps of hair in the kitchen and front porch. At this point I started to panic thinking Ashley's hair was falling from some rare disease or malnutrition. Then Daniel casually mentioned he had seen Ash outside earlier with the scissors cutting Dandelions....and apparently her hair...we then concluded. I was so relieved that it wasn't due to an illness that I couldn't be very upset. After a while though I began to wonder just how you deal with a big patch of 2 inch long hair in the back of your 3 year-old's foot long hair. I know this is typical...seems like it's rare that little girls get through childhood without giving themselves a stylish haircut or 2.....and I'm glad it wasn't in the front...but I have to give her a bowl cut now and wait for it to grow out? I escaped giving myself a haircut as a little girl....but that was made up for by my dad who let me get a "spike" when I was 5.....not necessarily the best look for me.

In other news Daniel nearly ran over Holly while driving the gator. And....what does it mean when someone says...yes they suspected you might be pregnant.....perhaps that you look really fat?....or that you've been particularly jerky/moody?

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