Thursday, April 2, 2009

Something not right at school. Over the past few months I've noticed Andrew saying things about school that leads me to believe it's not the best school in the world. The first thing he came home saying was "Mommy........ Brandon, Dimitri, and Caleb belong in Jail!" I'm guessing he didn't come up with that on his own and now he and Ashley say this regularly.....telling all who will listen about these boys misbehaving and how they will end up in jail. How sad that apparently their teacher is telling them they belong in jail...and will end up there. As if kids need someone to tell them they are doomed to fail. Then, recently Andrew came home and said "Jaun, caleb, and Brandon can't count.....they always mess up!" But, he said it in a way that I knew he was repeating what an adult had said. Andrew doesn't usually even notice things like that unless someone points it out and makes a HUGE deal out of it. Even sadder that his teachers are announcing to the class who can't count. I asked Andrew if he can count and thank goodness he said he would have broken my heart if his teacher seeing him struggle would label him as the kid who can't count or "the slow one". And today he came home and said "Brandon and Caleb were actin like fools today". This, I know, did not come from Andrew's brain. His lovely teacher again apparently announced to the class that these kids were actin like fools. Finally, Andrew has asked me several times what nerves and frustrating mean...from "you're getting on my nerves and frustrating me". His teachers say this regularly to a select few he tells me. Kids are sponges and soak this stuff up....sometimes ....too often we think of them like rubber..."they won't even remember or they aren't even listening"...but as you can see not the case. You might be thinking at this point....."Why aren't you doing anything about this?!" Oh, don't worry I have plans to, but as long as Andrew isn't in the line of fire I don't want to make him a target and so I've decided to wait until either Drew tells me something about him or the end of the school year.....whichever comes first. Anyway, his teachers are nice .....I don't want to paint them as monsters....but sometimes they say things without thinking. I can't say that I never do that....I'm not a perfect mother....and it would be hard to control what I say when trying to watch 17 3-5 year-olds.....but I think they can do better.

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