Monday, April 13, 2009

So the word is out to most of you.....I'm expecting....due in November around Thanksgiving. It's a little early to tell but it's hard to keep it quiet when it pretty much consumes my life these days. I mean that I feel like I'm losing my mind and my stomach most days. That's not to get's mostly to vent. So I have the usual nausea....but that could be sister-in-law Jessica has it much worse in terms of being physically I'm grateful for how relatively well I'm doing there. However, my mind plays tricks on me when I'm pregnant that it seems no one can relate maybe I'd like to hear who can relate to this or to hear more.."hmm you really are one of a kind". Anyway so when I was pregnant with Holly there were certain shirts I bought during the first trimester that I could hardly even look at then without throwing up and now still shudder a little when I think about them.....the smell of the Abercrombie/Hollister store made me sick. In addition, songs that came out during those 3 months made my stomach turn and still bring back sickly memories. Now that I'm pregnant with PTBNL(Player to be named later....named by my dad....and what I will call this baby until it is born) seems that all of my old addictive habits make me nauseous. To name a few....being on the computer, watching tv, and even sleeping seem to make me think of puking. It's the weirdest thing....not necessarily a bad thing since those habits aren't the most fulfilling ways to spend my time. But, I find that when I don't feel well...I tend toward doing any one of those 3 things and that just makes it worse. You see my dilemna. The worst part of it all.....I was so excited about building our new house when I was first pregnant...nausea just taking effect....and now I can barely stand to think of our new house! So, I try to think about it as little as possible so that when I move into my new house I don't associate it with feeling sick. I tell Daniel this and he's baffled....and so are most people...even those who've been pregnant before. I have an addictive personality...I can get obsessed with things....and it seems as though....the things I'm "obsessed with" around the first trimester.....will be the things thats keep me carrying a bowl around with me. Weird huh? Sorry, I think I mentioned throwing up way too many times in this post. I promise the next one will be less disgusting.

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