Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Andrew's "Graduation"

This morning Andrew's school had a little graduation-like ceremony. First, the kids in the class sang a few songs for us. Then one by one their names were announced and they got a certificate stating they had completed a year of pre-k. I got a little choked up but managed to hold it in and not look like the odd man out....many of the other parents were like "WHY aren't you singing?!...yadda yadda!"...while I was busy thinking...."he's getting so big." It's amazing to see how much he's grown and learned in just a year. Afterwards we had a little party in their classroom with snacks and juice. I would've taken his picture in a cap and gown but Andrew's ear was bright red and he started crying. Poor guy has an ear infection...but is feeling better he says now that he's had some Tylenol and Land Before Time. He's the little guy just below his teacher Ms. Hope in the blue shirt.

Next, I just wanted to share a video of Holly. A favorite hobby of hers is running around with things on her head...buckets, lampshades, hats that cover her eyes so she runs into things. We think it's pretty cute.

Finally, can anyone tell me why my pictures/videos are such low quality. I admit I don't have the best camera, but it's supposedly 10.3 mp and it's a kodak. How can I improve the crispness of my pictures and videos?


Tyler said...

There are a couple of things you can check on your camera that might make a difference. Make sure when you take the picture that there isn't a little hand on the side of the camera warning you of shakiness. The hand will often appear when you take a picture without a flash. Also, check the size of the pictures you are taking. Making the size bigger may help the picture become sharper in large dimensions such as a computer screen. One basic thing to do is to push the shutter button down halfway for a second to let the camera focus and only after that take the picture. Sufficient lighting always helps. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head though.

Ames Family said...

Thanks Tyler. I really appreciate it. I'll try some of those and see if things improve.