Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring fun

Turns out Andrew actually perforated his eardrum....which is painful right before but not too bad after they say. So, we got him his meds and he should be good to go. Instead of going to school today we went to the Mcdonald's for a bribe to get Andrew to go to the doctor and then finally played outside with a tiny swimming pool. Perhaps, I should upgrade. Anyway, fun was had by ....well at least those 3.

I love this picture of Holly...despite the fact that you can't see her eyes. She's such a jolly girl...I love it!


Heidi Ashworth said...

Would it be rude to say how glad I am that you changed blog formats? this is so much easier. Also, pls don't worry about the then/than thing--I wouldn't have been bothered by it if I hadn't been so sleep deprived and feeling kind of snarky. (hate that)

Cory.Jennifer.Jillian.Cannon said...

Yes I must a agree...this is a lot more user friendly! Yah! I love the kids in the pool picture- we just broke ours out last week. They are so fun, especially because I get to work on my tan too! Congrats on Andrews graduation, I would probably cry too!

melancholyjune said...

EEKS! Perfed ear drum! (Sorry about the m.d. lingo...) That's no good. I hope he's ok. I LOVE Holly's suit. As always, E great taste in your girls' clothing!

The Nelsons said...

love the new look! maybe now it'll update me when you post a do you say that? anyway, is your house still in tact? i hope so.

Anonymous said...

This is so much easier. Also, pls don't worry about the then/than thing-

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