Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thoughtless things people say

Lately I've been on both ends of thoughtless and receiving that is. I'm sure these people(and I) mean no harm and are kicking themselves later if they realize or are on the receiving end of a thoughtless no hard feelings. Here are a few examples.

"Wow, I just saw you...what..a week ago?....I can't believe how big you've gotten in a week!"

" you didn't have your baby yet?"......out comes baby in the carseat from the car. "Ohh uhhh I wasn't even looking at your stomach....I just..."

"When I was pregnant with twins...I pretty much lost my mind....and then once I had them I would have given anything just to be pregnant again...that was better than having newborn twins.".....said to someone who is newly pregnant with twins.

"So you're only 6 months along?....I thought you were due like tomorrow. You're just so big!"

Even when you're pregnant you don't want to hear that you're as big as a dumptruck....contrary to popular belief. Maybe they think all tact goes out the window when it comes to pregnancy. That reminds me of how people will touch your stomach which is always unwanted....or they'll stare...and I mean you're a freak of nature. Anyway, I thought I had more ideas but that's all that comes to mind at the moment. Anyone have any thoughtless comments to share....either that they've said or been the recipient of?


The Nelsons said...

pregnancy comments are the worst. those, "wow, you look so big" and "you haven't had your baby YET??" comments are just so pleasing to hear. someone asked me the other day if Greta was always so hyper, which she then thought sounded bad, but i didn't mind. she IS crazy sometimes!!

Cory.Jennifer.Jillian.Cannon said...

I'm sure you aren't as big as you are making it out to be! I remember you were the perfect pregnant woman last time, just growing in the tummy and no where else! (wish I could say the same, but all other areas got wider too)