Monday, May 4, 2009

A special surprise in the mail. Everyone likes getting unexpected things in the mail. Over the last few weeks I've been surprised time and again by what I find in my mail box. A few weeks ago I found a couple spiders crawling up my letters. Then, last week I found a big roach scuttling around and happened to notice before he became our new in-house pet. Finally, today was the biggest surprise of all. I found hundreds ...if not thousands of ants and little ant babies all over my mail. I had had enough to say the least. I don't really understand it either. It's not like I eat cookies in the mailbox and leave crumbs all over in's not like there's a warm light/neon flashing light inviting all the who's who of bugs. Either the mailman is smearing my letters with honey or all the bugs in town have decided that my mailbox would make a good hotel. As of now there are thousands of dead little ants in my mailbox(sorry for all of you Animal Rights Activists...I invite the ants to live in the dirt where they belong...but as soon as they cross that line...) as well as deadly chemicals splattered all over the inside. Can't wait to get the mail tomorrow! :)

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melancholyjune said...

I don't know if killing ants would fall under an animal rights category. I'd kill them too.