Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The cutest NO you'll ever hear

I think Holly's first and most deliberate word was "No!" I have of course told her "No No" several times as she's started to test her boundaries and she's certainly picked it up. I admit it's the cutest thing to me. She seems so proud to have that kind of power. To just be able to say no to anything. Since the first time she understood what a hug was I've constantly asked her for hugs and kisses. She used to do this happily and willingly. Now, she usually squints her eyes and simply says "No"...in her Holly nasally voice. Like all things this behavior is cute now....as I still know I'm the boss ....but later it might not be so darling. Daniel has reminded me that I pretty much praise and encourage this because it's just so darn cute to me. Little people....thinking they're big people and asserting themselves as such. Love it!


The Nelsons said...

how cute!! i love ashley's voice, too...and how your kids always repeat a whole sentence..."yes, i DO want to be dropped off at the corner."

Heidi Ashworth said...

She's a cutie-patootie! Sadly, Daniel is probably right. Phooey!

melancholyjune said...


Anonymous said...

I love ashley's voice..
She's a cutie-patootie!
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